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 EverythingLockerz Giveaway!

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PostSubject: EverythingLockerz Giveaway!   EverythingLockerz Giveaway! Icon_minitimeFri Nov 27, 2009 5:09 pm

Since we have just launched this new forum we are having a giveaway! What can you win? Well, first place will receive 20 emails to invite to lockerz. Second, 10 emails. And lastly, third will receive 5 emails to invite. Also everyday we will have a random picking of a winner to win 1 email to invite to lockerz. How do you enter this giveaway?

1. Put a #1 in a reply to this thread and tell us if you think we will get to 100 members by December 10.
2. Put a #2 in a reply to this thread and tell us how many members you think there will be on the lockerz facebook page on December 10.

Whoever gets the first # right will be entered into the drawing, then the closest three to #2 will win.

As for the daily drawings, we will just pick a random person that has replied to this thread and announce it right here!

Please Press the Thanks Button (Left hand corner of my post) If I helped you out in any way!

[X] Z-Lister
[X] Z-List T-Shirt
[ ] Cool Gift- Ordered
[X] 500 PTZ
[X] 1000 PTZ

PM me with any Suggestions for the site. Also check out, it is still in development.
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EverythingLockerz Giveaway!
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